Asked 16th Aug, 2012

What are the different ways for sociological knowledge and theory to enhance healthcare practice?

It is widely accepted that sociology should form a constituent part of nursing's knowledge base. Unfortunately, the relationship of the disciplines has not been as productive in practice as it might have been.

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16th Aug, 2012
Muhammad Shoaib Ahmedani
King Saud University
I don't think so. Because all good medical and dental colleges have included social science subjects relating to Ethics, behaviour, practice management in their curriculum. These subjects groom the budding professionals and equip them with communication, ethical and practice management skills to deal with the colleagues as well as patients.. In fact social sciences are crucial part of medical discipline especially in nursing. A good nurse must be sound in art of dealing the patients. Yes, in developing countries there is a lot of work yet to be done.
29th Aug, 2012
Linda H Mcclellan
Meharry Medical College
For those students who plan to serve racial and ethnic minorities, it is important for them to understand the social, economic and environmental root causes of many chronic illnesses. A number of studies and initiatives address these determinants and for many practititoners, may help them to better understand why the numbers of individuals with chronic diseases seem to increase instead of decreasing given the number of dollars spent on "initiatives."

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