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What are the differences between shop drawings and builder works drawings, and what are the differences between them?

What are the differences between shop drawings and builder works drawings, and what are the differences between them?
As their name clearly states; shop drawings are drawings produced by the shop; ie. as an example when a client buys an equipment for installation the shop produces drawings; called shop drawings; for the subcontractor to implement.
Builder works drawings; as their name implements also; are drawings produced by the builder or subcontractor who is responsible for executing works. Builders use builder work drawings on site.
The shop drawings; produced and used by the by contractor engineers based on design drawings; details are based on standard specifications and tender requirements. On the other hand builder works drawings are produced by the subcontractor based on shop drawings, and used by his engineers and builders, builder works drawings are based on the details of equipment the subcontractor is planning to install; and must with shop drawings details.
The consultant compares shop drawings with approved design drawings, and work on site with shop drawings for final approval.

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Builder works drawings are based on shop drawings and made considering the details of materials the builder plans to install on site, shop drawing don't contain this detail.
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Jerry Waese
The architect or builder needs to examine shop drawings for a product/item supplier, which are approved/selected by the customer in order to assure dimensions, clearances, mechanical and electrical requirements and resources accommodate the item being supplied. Legal conformance is a big issue.
As far as I know the provider of the product or item has their own internal build drawings which may be proprietary. Shop drawings are for release to 'consumers'.
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Engr C. Anyaoha
University of Nigeria
A builder work drawings will provide in detail the component representation and client communication of what the engineer designed. Contrarily, shop drawings is for fabricators and technician use only and it is basically for determining how components will be produced and placed during the construction process.
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