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Asked 5th Jun, 2018
  • BioEdTech & QUANTIS

What are the biggest challenges in bioprinting?

Cell behavior?
Cellular response to stimulus?
Cellular differentiation?
Other? ...
7th Sep, 2018
Janani Guru
Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati
I agree with David and William. The bioink composition and the physicochemical properties should match both for printing and the cell survival and functionality.
If the bioink is printable at the abovesaid parameters by maintaining the cells viable, then you can take further for differentiation, maturation in bioreactor and the studies you wish to do. The porosity of the bioprinted construct is very important to keep it functional, which takes cares of the diffusion of nutrients, oxygen and metabolites. As a whole, various factors influence the bioprinting process and they are interlinked.
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