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Asked 21st Apr, 2017

What methodology should be used in order to assess the capabilities of participatory practices to incorporate residents' spatial needs into plans ?

In my book "Public Participation as a Tool for Integrating Local Knowledge into Spatial Planning" (Springer, 2017) I compare between the respective capabilities of different participatory practices - top-down as well as bottom-up - to capture residents' local knowledge (e.g., needs, perceptions, perspectives, opinions) and incorporate it into planning and plans. The comparison is conducted according to dozens parameters such as 'the motivators for participatory processes', 'procedures and tools employed in the participatory processes', 'the interaction between stakeholders', 'exposure of local knowledge', 'characteristics of local knowledge exposed', etc.
16th Jan, 2018
Luis Loures
Instituto Politécnico de Portalegre
For such a purpose I would recommend face to face interviews with aleatory respondent selection
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