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Asked 31st Oct, 2013

What is the typical order of strength of the magnetic field in Gauss in a black hole Accretion Disk?

It may be a binary black hole accretion disk or an AGN.
2nd Aug, 2020
Biplob Sarkar
Tezpur University
Thank you very much Sriram for the paper link you shared. The reported value of 33 G for V404 Cygni is significantly low. The paper itself mentions that the for other sources such as Cyg X-1, the range of magnetic field is ~10^5 to 10^7 G (My theoretical paper also suggests that this range of magnetic field can be acheived in a magnetically supported disc around a black hole. Ref: Sarkar B., Das S., 2018, JApA, 39, 3)