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Asked 31st Oct, 2013

What is the typical order of strength of the magnetic field in Gauss in a black hole Accretion Disk?

It may be a binary black hole accretion disk or an AGN.
4th Nov, 2013
Biplob Sarkar
Tezpur University
I got these answers from various collegaues. I am mentioning their names and their answers. Hope these would be helpful.
Reetanjali Moharana: It depends on the strength of the black hole, i.e., its mass etc. For typical BH of AGNs have a magnetic field of 10^4 to 10^3 Gauss.
Sibasish Laha :I too am not sure. But as far as I remember it is of the order of micro-Gauss in the disk. Please do have a look at the papers on Magneto hydrodynamical simulations ( by Fukumura et al 2010 ApJ 715.. etc...)
Harold Nations: Popular reference:
Magnetic field of black hole measured | Science News
Pulsar near Milky Way’s center makes first assessment of this type possible.