Asked 10th Aug, 2015

What is the maximum error (in pixels) allowed when detecting markers' corners in multi-marker augmented reality systems?

What is the maximum error (in pixels) allowed when detecting markers' corners in multi-marker augmented reality systems (such as; ArUco or ArTag toolkits) not to cause jittering problem?

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12th Aug, 2015
D. G. Bouwhuis
Eindhoven University of Technology
Two issues here.
First it is very dependent on how far the pixels are removed from the current fixation point. Often this is quite far, and a few pixels would not make any difference.
Second, a pixel says nothing at all about perceivability. What is the visual angle of the pixel, which correspoinds to the observing distance of the user, and the size of the pixel? As phrased this question is not answerable without much more detail about the observing situation
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15th Aug, 2015
Eman Albasiouny
Kafrelsheikh University
Thanks alot.

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