Asked 6th Apr, 2016

What is the effect of plant culture (for example hydroponic or aeroponic cultures) on the insect pest damage? Have anybody the related experience?

What is the effect of different cultures on Pest-Plant interactions?

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11th Apr, 2016
Cristian Adrian Martínez-Adriano
Autonomous University of Nuevo León
Hello Friend.
I have some experience in a school research with hydroponics in tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum). Pests attacked similarly to the plants of different hydroponic treatments than the plant with the common method of cultivation. But we no tested directly if  there was a difference in the herbivores between plants with different treatments.
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15th Apr, 2016
Thomas Graham
University of Guelph
Hello Iman,
Typically hydroponics and aeroponics are deployed in controlled environments (greenhouse, growth chambers)), which tend to have lower pest pressure than that of field crops for either systems (easier to exclude pests).  I doubt that there are any distinguishable differences between the two systems for insect pests --  none in my experience, but I have not published or come across literature that addresses this... it may be out there, I just haven't looked all that closely. 
In terms of plant pathogens (bacterial/fungal) then there may be some differences depending on the nature of the water loop that you are using and the type of hydroponics you used (NFT, deep trough, etc.).  Regardless of the system used I would recommend a disinfection step, at least for the recovered solution (assuming you are recalculating the water).  
Not sure if this helps at all, but you may be on to a good question to conduct some research on!
Best of luck!
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