Asked 13th Mar, 2015

What is the best way to publish a cycle of maps?

What is the best way to publish a cycle of maps (55 sheets) in tiff (geoTIFF) format. The preview option in data set option doesn't support this file format.

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15th Mar, 2015
Mohammed Abd Alla Eltoum Masaad
University of Khartoum
you can convert the file from geotiff using erdas into image and safe it as image or use arc gis and export the geotiff and save it as enf format
16th Mar, 2015
Kuldeep Ramchandra Kurte
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Dear Tomasz,
What I would understand from your question is, you want to publish map sheets for other people (on internet).
If it is so, look for Geoserver or mapserver.
(PS: if this is your answer, please let me know, we shall have some discussion)

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