Asked 14th Dec, 2014
  • Politeknik Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah, Shah Alam

What is the best method to attach copper foil with 0.035 mm thickness to substrate E.G plane FR4?

the idea was to attach copper foil for PCB (printed circuit board) and antenna substrate fabrication

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17th Dec, 2014
Zinal Patel
Nirma University
I think by electroplating sir.
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19th Dec, 2014
Abdelhalim abdelnaby Zekry
Ain Shams University
Dear Ahmad,
May exist more than one good method to attach a thin copper foil to bare FR4 PCB board.
You can use a suitable epoxy resin  to bond the foil to the substrate,  may be the more proper resin is that already used to bond the copper clad to the the FR4 in the commercial production.You may need to press and heat up the substrate and foil to laminate them.
You can use also silver epoxy to bond the foil to the substrate. The application method is straight forward you coat the substrate with with a very thin layer of silver epoxy press the foil firmly to it with a weight, then annealing it for an hour at about 120 degree centigrade or you can follow the curing instructions of your silver epoxy.
Silver epoxy builds very strong bonds between metal sheets and different substrates including PCB boards. It may be little bit expense but very durable.
wish you success,
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21st Dec, 2014
Oleg Nizhnik
I have an opposite experience with silver epoxy. Brittle and unreliable (compared to normal epoxy), especially on smooth surfaces. 
In industry, normal method to metallize plastics is 2-stage deposition:
Stage 1: electroless copper or evaporated copper (~3 um) (do not forget activation with strong oxidizer like KMnO4, H2SO4 plus SnCl4-Pd if you use electroless copper)
Stage 2: electrolytic copper to desired thickness (35 um) 
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