Asked 11th Nov, 2018

Water soluble film(PVA FILM)?

How much time does it for Water soluble film(PVA FILM) to dissolve in water? and if I use it to wrap surfaces, is it easy to wipe it off using microfiber cloth?

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A water-soluble film that is resistant to contact with small amounts of water and methods of making the same from water-soluble film-forming compositions, such as polyvinyl alcohols having a salt applied to a surface of the film and a method of making articles made therefrom.
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A kit and methods for delivering an effective amount of a labile active to the skin are provided. The kit and methods comprise a composition comprising an effective amount of a labile active agent incorporated into a water-soluble polymeric film and an additive composition capable of dissolving the water-soluble polymeric film.
In the fabrication of a-Si photoreceptor for electrophotography (Fig.1), it is important to understand physical and chemical reactions in glow-discharge plasma [1] in order to improve film quality and to achieve high deposition rate [2] and uniformity of the film, because of its thickness of about 30 μm and large area.
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