Warp Drive: Fact or Fiction?

Is the Warp Drive fact or fiction?

Can the Warp Drive be fact or fiction?

Warp Drives are Exotic solutions of the Einstein Field Equations of General Relativity that "allows" Faster Than Light Space Travel within the framework of General Relativity

Note that the word "allows" is between quotes.

The first of these Exotic solutions was discovered by the Mexican mathematician Miguel Alcubierre in 1994. The second was discovered by the Portuguese mathematican Jose Natario in 2001.

Alcubierre is PhD from University of Wales in Cardiff UK and Natario is PhD from University of Oxford UK.

Their works are here:


The Warp Drive is an entire family of solutions of the Einstein Field Equations of General Relativity like the Schwarzschild or the Reissner-Nordtstrom solutions are for Black Holes but Warp Drives, although mathematical elegant solutions faces some serious problems

an excellent description about the problems Warp Drive faces can be given by


I would like to discuss in ResearchGate the Warp Drive. Using the scientific works of arXiv or HAL to start to show how this theme can be interesting for people in General Relativity

abstract of arXiv:0710.4474

The General Theory of Relativity has been an extremely successful theory, with a well established experimental footing, at least for weak gravitational fields. Its predictions range from the existence of black holes, gravitational radiation to the cosmological models, predicting a primordial beginning, namely the big-bang. All these solutions have been obtained by first considering a plausible distribution of matter, and through the Einstein field equation, the spacetime metric of the geometry is determined. However, one may solve the Einstein field equation in the reverse direction, namely, one first considers an interesting and exotic spacetime metric, then finds the matter source responsible for the respective geometry. In this manner, it was found that some of these solutions possess a peculiar property, namely 'exotic matter,' involving a stress-energy tensor that violates the null energy condition. These geometries also allow closed timelike curves, with the respective causality violations. These solutions are primarily useful as 'gedanken-experiments' and as a theoretician's probe of the foundations of general relativity, and include traversable wormholes and superluminal 'warp drive' spacetimes. Thus, one may be tempted to denote these geometries as 'exotic' solutions of the Einstein field equation, as they violate the energy conditions and generate closed timelike curves. In this article, in addition to extensively exploring interesting features, in particular, the physical properties and characteristics of these 'exotic spacetimes,' we also analyze other non-trivial general relativistic geometries which generate closed timelike curves.