Two phases of Medical Profession: The Good and the Bad

I am hereby writing an article on my views, which were sparked when i saw the news of Amy's Death. It reminds me of a simple quality or trait, which our society lacks, and which is of utmost need, at this hour. It is RESPONSIBILITY. The Death of Singer highlights a loophole in the current Medical Practices throughout the world. It's the over indulgence and exploitation of prescription drugs.

It's a growing menace if no actions are taken at the right time things may go out of control. Recently it was found that in the UK, over a few years, the number of prescription drugs dispensed per individual has increased from 8 to an alarming double digit figure of 16. Addiction has two sub categories under its pit: Physical and Psychological, having after effects on human body. Most of the teenagers are now shifting their focus towards addiction of prescription drugs from that of non-prescription and banned drugs like cocaine, smack etc.. The drugs addicts are mainly targeting, opoids, painkillers, followed by central nervous depressants (Codein, Oxycontin and Percocet under painkillers; Mebaral, Valium, and Xanas being CNS depressants amongst the highly abused). Some of them have been blockbuster drugs for the pharmaceutical industry. No matter how strict the laws are made for restriction the misuse of drugs, this hardly gets converted into appropriate results on ground. Sleeping pills being used by 10% to 20% of population have developed dangerous dependency on them, leading to degradation of effective life lead by these Individuals. This is due to degradation of their alertness and thus exaggerating to more sinful acts in their lifetime. A study done by Professor Alan DeSantis of the University of Kentucky showed that 34 % of the total number of UK students surveyed admitted that they took ADHD medication such as Adderall, without prescriptions.About 190 million people all over the world consume one drug or the other. It's a famous saying that 'coin has two faces', here on one side, Medical Science has lead to improvement of effective lives lead by most of the people, on the other hand, the illicit practices and lack of responsibility by the medical professionals, are contributing towards the degradation of lives of younger generation of world. India comes under the category of the youngest working force in the whole world. But this same young population has to pay price, in terms of degradation, of the effective lives lead by them everyday. Being a criminal does not start from one person; it's a vicious cycle. The ignorant actions by people themselves leads to a generation of criminals in society. Drug abusers mainly turn up to criminal activities due to scarcity of resources. No wonder the recent action by the Delhi government to restrict selling of drugs falling under this category, is a big blow on the pockets of retailers, but this price is much better than converting the society into criminal. Such hard actions to restrict the sale of drugs that have the chance to be abused, should be checked on the regular basis, only then society can be saved.