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Started 20th Nov, 2022
  • Ordu University School of Medicine

The Effects of Physicians in Coronavirus Disease 19 Treatment

Hello everyone,
Recently, the Journal of Continuing Education in the Health Professions published one of our studies.
In this study, we investigated how certain physician characteristics influence Covid treatment approaches.
Their preferences were determined by a number of factors, including the gender of the physicians and the differences in specializations.
We have discovered that all physicians, regardless of specialty, will require additional pandemic education throughout their academic and professional careers. For instance, we discovered that female physicians were more comply with the guidelines.
What are your thoughts regarding this?
I am fascinated about your insightful ideas and remarks.
Thank you.
22nd Nov, 2022
César Rafael Narváez Carrión
Universidad Estatal de Bolívar
Actually, I work as a language teacher but I am really interested in any field of science and that is why I participate in these discussions. Mine is rather an opinion and not (yet) supported by facts. If I find something I will be glad of sharing it and deepen this discussion.
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