Asked 10th Aug, 2011
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"System Dynamics", Yes or Not?

I am searching about different methods prevalent for innovation system studies, most of them are discriptive. I found some papers which use "system dynamics" method. They are interesting. But, you know, most of innovation systems theorists don't agree to use it. What do you think? What is your preference? Using Simulation, Yes or Not and Why?

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13th Aug, 2012
Natasa Jakominic Marot
University of Rijeka
Well, it is not that easy to answer your question. There is a number of studies applying the system dynamics method to innovation system. Whether it makes sense to use it or not will depend on what your aim is. Do you want to evaluate an innovation system, compare several ISs, explore the interactions within the system or something else?
11th Feb, 2017
Murat Sartas
Wageningen University & Research
Dear Parisa, 
Here are some of my posters, papers and a chapter, on a data management system (LESARD) designed for agricultural innovation systems modeling and evidence using the LESARD

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