Asked 30th Jun, 2022

Suggestions for citation plugin/add-on for Linux Office Suites?

Hello Everyone,
I am sure most people have the same question on their minds. I already see some questions on ResearchGate but couldn't see the proper answer.
The question is: How do you people write papers on Linux? Mainly, what do you use for a citation?
LibreOffice and OpenOffice have the Mendeley plugin, however, both have compatibility issues with Microsoft Office. This creates a big problem with collaborative work. Regardless of the compatibility issues, both software is not easy to use, or at least not for people who have used Microsoft Office for decades.
I tried Google Docs, and it has a few citation plugins (ie. Paperpile) but again there are sometimes compatibility issues with Microsoft Office, plus, Google docs (writer) lacks most of the functions (ie. vertical text on tables).
I am currently using WPS office which is easy to use and fully compatible with Microsoft Office but there is no Mendeley (or other citation) plugin. It has an "Endnote" function, but I have to manually type the citation, which is torture.
So, do you have any suggestions rather than buy an Apple Mac or return to Windows?

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1st Jul, 2022
Captain Mohammad Abdullah Abu Sayed
Universidade NOVA de Lisboa
You are correct
4th Jul, 2022
Halil Mert Solak
Bülent Ecevit Üniversitesi
Again, how do you solve the compatibility problem between LibreOffice and Microsoft Office?

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