Seeking expertise in the field of energy analysis for architecture, how & what to quantify accurately & who gives a damn for certification thereof.

To fully asses the elements of energy contributing to architecture is an enormous task and for sake producers of materials do not represent these in quotient.

Mandated programs if any exist are rare and thus keen to seek out those whom possess such skill or pursue the field enthusiastically.

Carbon taxes are in some way a measure but in architecture frankly speaking terribly inaccurate.

As a measure for interest, we asses our most recent design as for remote off gird sites as eliminating atmospheric carbon @ the rate of 1,100kgs/m2/pa/pa of building space UMR.

That said, what measured estimate does not reflect at this time are the lifestyle derivatives in outcome of architecture, as cause greatly reduced carbon generating communal activities versus a more balanced 'at home' family oriented embrace than now.