Asked 24th Dec, 2021

Publishing in Computitional biology/medicine ... what do I need the most?

If I have an experience but no certificate in Machine Learning, and have both experience and certifcate in Medicine (Urology) ... and want to publish a peper that include an interaction between these 2 feilds, in either Urology or CS journals. Should i add a coauthor who is certified in Data science or CS? ... if not, Would it be necessary to prove my competency in ML by any means?

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25th Dec, 2021
Abhijit Mitra
University of Calcutta
Sound computation of Bioinformatics
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26th Dec, 2021
Muhammad M Hammami
Loma Linda University
You do not have to, and officially you should not, add a coauthor just for the certificate/name they have. Proving competency is intrinsic to the paper you are writing, you do not need an external proof.
30th Dec, 2021
Emmanuel Kobina Mesi Edzie
University of Cape Coast / Cape Coast Teaching Hospital
Publishing on a particular area does not require one to necessarily have a certificate in that area. However, if you find yourself to be inadequately equipped with the requisite knowledge to do a good job in that specific field, you may overcome that by collaborating with someone with that knowledge so that together you can bring out a very good and scientific work.
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