Started 4th May, 2022

Post-growth organisation cases wanted (for research purposes)

Are you an entrepreneur (or enterprise) who tries to follow post-growth/degrowth principles in your organisation? Or do you know someone who does? If yes, we need you!
We are Giacomo, Tom and Daniele, researchers in economics and business at the universities of Perugia, Groeningen and Barcelona. We are currently investigating how organisations - especially businesses - around the world are trying to go “post-growth” in their strategy and day-to-day activities. For this reason, we want to briefly interview members of organisations/businesses who are actively trying to include elements of post-growth/degrowth theories into their organisations/businesses’ activities.
If you think that you belong to this category, please feel free to contact us:
Thomas Long - t.b.long@rug.nl
#research #postgrowth #degrowth

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17th Jun, 2022
Mario Pansera
University of Vigo
we're organising a post-growth organization workshop in september in Pontevedra. inbox me for info
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17th Jun, 2022
Mario Pansera
University of Vigo
we're organising a post-growth organization workshop in september in Pontevedra. inbox me for info
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30th Jun, 2022
Giovanni Cunico
UNSW Sydney
Hi guys, most likely you already are aware of that. Anyway, you could take a look, get involved and send a message through the degrowth society channels (i.e. newsletters). https://degrowth.info/
I recently also wrote about cooperatives trying to implement degrowth
You may find some useful references in there about other organisations implementing degrwoth.
Finally, the climate action journal has this following topical collection https://link.springer.com/collections/aafafbhfaf which could be interested in your work. Hopefully this help anyhow, good luck!
18th Aug, 2022
Svenja Quitsch
Universität Kassel
I might be able to get you in touch with a few organizations in Germany if that is of interest to you. I was recently involved in a dialogue-lab on post-growth economics initiated by Friends of the Earth and we had some fascinating discussions with start-ups on growth imperatives, growth independence and degrowth. Message me for more info etc.
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Like so many, I am shocked and saddened at seeing war break out in Europe. My thoughts – and those of the ResearchGate team – are with the people of Ukraine and everyone affected.
ResearchGate is an international company, whose purpose is to enable scientists across the world to work together openly and collaboratively, regardless of borders or nationality. We have people from over 40 countries on our staff of around 200, and being based in Berlin, we are profoundly aware of the human cost of conflicts, the echoes of which have shaped and scarred our home city. We join with the international community in condemning the actions of the Russian state.
We have been asking ourselves: What can we do?
From today, we will offer free advertising space worth $2.5 million on our network to humanitarian organizations working to respond to the crisis. ResearchGate benefits from over 50 million visitors every month, and we hope this initiative can help raise funds and awareness for those organizations that are having direct impact and need support.
We also want to use our platform to highlight the response from the scientific community. Personally, I have found the messages of support from scientists everywhere to be truly heartfelt, and I would like to highlight some of the community initiatives I’ve seen here:
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Origins Center to open at Fundamentals of Life in the Universe symposium
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On 31 August, Louise Vet (director of the Netherlands Institute for Ecology, NIOO-KNAW), Ben Feringa (University of Groningen, Nobel Prize winner for Chemistry 2016) and Rens Waters (general and scientific director of the Netherlands Space Research Institute SRON) opened the Origins Center, in front of an audience of over 200 delegates at the Fundamentals of Life in the Universe symposium.
The Fundamentals of Life symposium was held on the Zernike Campus of the UG. Nineteen speakers from the Netherlands and abroad discussed the various aspects and challenges in the search for the origins of life. In conclusion, Stan Gielen, chair of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO), spoke about the future of the Dutch National Research Agenda.
Origins Center
The Origins Center is a virtual pooling of resources, bringing together leading Dutch researchers from the fields of astronomy, biophysics, ecology, molecular and evolutionary biology, planet and earth sciences, chemistry, mathematics, informatics and computational science, all focusing on the origins of life in the broadest sense of the term. In July, NWO awarded the Origins Center a grant of € 2.5 million for a three-year programme involving a number of preliminary research projects. The programme includes developing a virtual centre designed to support collaboration between these researchers and similar centres elsewhere in the world. The Origins Center will also initiate projects relating to science communication.
The Center’s programme entails five three-year projects, focusing on the origins of life-bearing planets and life on planet Earth, the predictability of evolution, the malleability and controllability of life, modelling planet Earth as an exoplanet and the mathematical understanding of the effect of emerging phenomena on underlying organization levels in natural systems. The projects will serve as a joint basis for a larger, longer-lasting scientific programme designed to provide pioneering insight into the phenomenon ‘life’ on astrophysical, planetary and molecular scales.
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