Asked 20th Jan, 2018
  • Multilingual Tests of Multisensory Multitasking (MTMM)

Please, what is the relevance of "motor episodic memory" gaps found in some indigenous Latin American populations?

It is often observed onindigenous populations a clear gap in "m-e-m" (which Martha Denckla may consider the low "entry-level" of ExFn). I researched this "m-e-m" gap in my doctoral research at Boston College as a very serious and much ignored predictor of reading on grades 1, 3 and 5 in mainstream school children. (This "m-e-m" gap may create failure at the 2nd of the Piagetian concrete operational questions, which requires a lot of verbal episodic memory (observed on indigenous populations and also observed by Robert Sternberg). Is there a possible relation to the "transient psychotic symptoms" often found in indigenous populations? (for instance, in my Stroop-like and TMT-like "verbal" tests administered in Quechuan-language populations of normals-schizophrenic-siblings). In this case, researchers' visualizations pointed to a "Parkinsonian element" which may underly all schizophrenias.

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23rd Jan, 2018
Ahmed Mancy Mosa
Al-Mansour University College
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