Asked 27th May, 2023

Please tell me me why I can't post a Public text?

I paid for the open access fee of my paper, and yet you block me from posting a Public text.
Panter-Brick C, Eggerman, M (2018). The field of Medical Anthropology in Social Science & Medicine.
Social Science & Medicine 196: 233-239.

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Chandan Kumar
Indian Institute of Technology Patna
Well, the paper already has 29 citations and is a excellent piece of research. Access to papers in High quality journals has remained a challenge for readers. Here, despite the open access fee, its not open. A clarification from the Editor can be received.
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Julius Riese
Independent Scientific Consultant & Lecturer
Dear Catherine,
does your question relate to the fact that your paper is actually not "open access" right now on the journal/Elsevier website or are you having problems (being "blocked") posting a copy of your paper on your RG profile?
I am being blocked from posting a copy of the paper on my RG profile. If you are a RG staff, please post it for me.

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