Asked 8th Mar, 2012

Plasmid drawing program

Can anyone recommend a program to draw a constructed plasmid?

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3rd May, 2021
Soroth Chey
I recommend the software Serial Cloner ( ). It's free and easy to use.

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27th Mar, 2012
James David Londino
The Ohio State University
GENtle has the most features for a free version and is relatively user friendly.
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8th Mar, 2012
Nicola Lo Buono
San Raffaele Scientific Institute
Vector NTI by Invitrogen...
8th Mar, 2012
Fernando Cardoso
Universidade NOVA de Lisboa
.... or pDRAW32 DNA analysis software freeware from
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10th Mar, 2012
Yang Cheehing
Tzu Chi University
Thanks all..
27th Mar, 2012
Andrew Hamilton
University of California, Davis, School of Medicine
Vector NTI if you want a very versatile, flexible program and intend to keep up the dynamic license that Invitrogen now charges for. Serial cloner if you just want to make some simple vector maps or do direct subcloning.
27th Mar, 2012
James David Londino
The Ohio State University
GENtle has the most features for a free version and is relatively user friendly.
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9th May, 2012
Yulia Fridman
Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
Free, open source and very straight forward.
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9th May, 2012
Rita L Strack
Springer Nature Publishing Group
The best software, hands down, in my opinion is SnapGene ( There is a free version with some functions, but it's worth it to buy the whole software suite. I have been an alpha tester for several years now on this software, and it is far superior to Vector NTI and DNAstar, in my experience. It will change your cloning life and it is straightforward and intuitive to use. Best of luck with your cloning!
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Deleted profile
I have been using Clone Manager for more than three years, but recently discovered SnapGene, which is quite a powerful suite and have many intelligent features. I think you should definitely give it a try.
26th Oct, 2013
Yejun Wang
National University of Singapore
Try VectorFriends at It combines various types of cloning simulation, sequence analysis, and data management into one application.
It’s free for academic researchers
Deleted profile
I think that Clone Manager is the pioneer software of this kind and still at the forefront.
15th Jan, 2014
Michael Winkler
German Primate Center
We are using Vector NTI for plasmid drawing and are quite happy with it. However, it is also quite expensive, and there is a quite some functionality, which I really don't use. A collague of mine is very happy with CLC Main Workbench, which has not been mentioned here. Both programs should be good if whole groups are working with it. As I understand it, the database use for a whole group is better in CLC, whereas manipulation of DNA for virtual cloning was better in VNTI - at least 2 years ago, when I last compared both programs (but CLC wanted to improve in this area). The service by CLC was excellent (I was told by my colleague), whereas my initial experience with VNTI was devastating. They have improved in handling requests, but couldn't really solve my last problem I had.
Of the freeware programs I also heard that GENtle should be good but never tried it on my own.
Since I initially was trained on the old GCG command line program, I agree to some extent with Christopher - always remember, these programs are way to visualize the plasmid, but when cloning you still have to do all the thinking on your own.
Finally. I would like to mention that addgene has a nice tool "analyze sequence" to automatically annotate a sequence with the standard elements of a vector (promoter etc). I haven't found this in any of the programs I used so far - but I am also far from being an expert.
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26th Mar, 2014
Ayman Albanna
University of Mosul
Does anyone have that program for draw the circle plasmid ?
20th May, 2014
Vivek Kumar
The Jackson Laboratory
UGene has many features and is free.
20th May, 2014
Vivek Kumar
The Jackson Laboratory
Online plasmid drawing program.
12th Dec, 2014
Miles Grimshaw
Yale University
Has anyone tried Benchling? 
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14th May, 2015
Truyen Quach
University of Nebraska at Lincoln
You will like this software.
4th Jul, 2015
Eduardo Abeliuk
Stanford University
Try It has a very nice DNA sequence editor as well as DNA management tools. It also generates protocols for DNA assembly.
Deleted profile
Try Genome Compiler, it's a very intuitive and user friendly software. Truly recommend
Deleted profile
WebDSV is a free web browser-based DNA sequence editor with a plasmid drawing function (press the "map" button). The map can be saved as a PNG file.
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29th Feb, 2016
Ehab Ammar
University of Florida
I tried the WebDSV recommended by Vladimir Cermak and it is really nice.  It is good for drawing plasmids with basic features. The downside is that it does not allow much formatting options. For a quick simple project, I think it is very good.
I used to use even a more friendly software called Plasm. Unfortunately, I cannot find links to this software anymore. Although it did not provide advanced options, yet it was very user friendly and the limited options provided were basically what you mostly need for a drawing. I would appreciate it if anyone can provide a link to such software.
27th Mar, 2016
Rashid Minhas
King's College London
SnapGene is one of the best program for drawing plasmid
4th Jul, 2017
Yulia Fridman
Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
I've been using it fro years now.
It's free, light and powerful  - what else can you ask for?
You can blast with it, align multiple sequences, add and modify restriction enzymes (RE), create personalized RE lists, translate sequences, find ORFs - in short: all your heart can desire.
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28th Jun, 2018
Lihua Zhang
GenSmart Design
It's a free online tool with AI algorithms integrated.
Automatic annotation, error checking and part-driven drag-and-drop operation. Really cool tool!
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11th Jun, 2020
Ke Vicky Wang
Monash University (Australia)
You could use GeneSmart Design ( or using Benchling ( to draw plasmid.
8th Mar, 2021
Kevin Cramer
Sapio Sciences Llc
Sapio Sciences Exemplar Electronic Lab Notebook ( bronze edition is free to academics and is a full featured ELN.

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