Asked 19th Jun, 2016

Pest and disease infested soybean field have chance for more charcoalrot disease severity?

As we know that charcoal rot appear during stress period. Afterall pest and disease creates stress to plant.
Is there any relation between them?

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19th Jun, 2016
Arvind Singh
Banaras Hindu University
Pest and disease infested soybean plants are weakened as a result of which they become more susceptible to charcoal rot disease.
21st Jun, 2016
Paul Reed Hepperly
University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez
Perhaps the most prevalent stresses which predispose plants to charcoal rot are drought and high temperatures which go together and the interaction with weeds. 
The heat and drought may not be always avoidable but irrigation critically can do wonders. 
Beside critical irrigation and the critical weeding can be very important for pathogen crop environmental interaction.
The Indian fungus Piriformospora indica might be very important related to both its ability to be cultured on common laboratory but also its demonstrated ability to infect soybean and also stimulate antibiosis and probiosis. In this way the fungus can attack the pathogen and predisposing physiolical condition for the severe damage. 

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