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Asked 26th Jun, 2018

Marxism: Does Exploitation through Increase in Intensity really exist?

I've been spending a great deal of time studying the topic of capitalist exploitation via increase in intensity and I'm having issues with the mathematics behind it.
Now, in the paper Duration, Intensity and Productivity of Labour and the Distinction between Absolute and Relative Surplus-value by Stavros Mavroudeas there is a formula which defines the how a total working time in a day from all workers is dealt out.
T= V+S
Where T is our total labor hours from all workers that day, V is the value paid out to workers and S is the surplus value gained from that working day.
Now total labor hours T can be broken down to the number of laborors that day and the hours each laborer works. mathematically this is:
where h is the number of hours worked by each worker and l is the number of laborers working,it follows our identity is now:
dividing both sides by lh.
this negates what was taught by Dr. Stephen Resnick that capital intensity is:
where there is possibility of varying I, by Mavroudeas formulation of the problem this is impossible.
Based on this simple exercise, does exploitation via "speed up" or increase in labor intensity really exist?
Christopher Nock
Nock & Associates
Look, you seem to have missed the underlying point of the majority of answers given here. What actually interests you in all this is of very little interest to anyone else. I suggest you access Harry Cleaver's RG pages and see who you're being rather rude to.
A problem I always found with York graduate students: read too much, understood too little, fixated on nonsense.
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