Looking for data collection methods for online research that allow for a fast paced data such as a stroop.

Currently in the process of trying to change a study that was designed for in-person participants with DMDX presentation software. We're trying to change the study for online research due to necessity for location change. I started looking at Illume this week, but it looks to be mainly a survey tool. Still researching that one - but, has anyone conducted a fast-paced timing study that includes something like a stroop? Aaron Tesch, my advisor/collaborator believes that if anyone has, it's a combination of Illume/Java scripting more than likely. We have one task that is a stroop, and one that is moral dilemmas. It seems that the moral dillemas would work with the survey tool, but not sure on the stroop. Need some kind of presentation software/data collection that will be able to do this, and switch the task order to control for priming. I know one can link into DMDX, but my computer lacks the capabilities - so, setting up the tools for it that way is shot. So - if anyone has done fast paced online data collection - please let me know what they've used, thanks!