Started 19th Nov, 2022
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Looking for a comparative study about what share of the population in the major cultural regions thinks in international holistic dimensions?

Hi frds,
almost all problems we face are international/global, intertwined, and complex (climate change, financial markets, economic systems, geopolitics, global trade, food systems, global wealth creation, pandemics, refugees, etc.), where effects are intergenerational and full of moral hazard.
Would love to learn what percentage share of a population thinks globally and holistic in the following regions:
-Continental Europe
If possible a breakdown of the generations would be fantastic. Especially Gen Z.
Appreciate research.

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25th Nov, 2022
Kah Choon Ng
University of Malaya
I am from Malaysia and interested to work with you on this project. Feel free to contact me or via email: kahchoon.15@gmail.com
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