Asked 23rd Apr, 2014

JabRef => Endnote X7 Conversion Problems. Can anybody help?

Does anyone have a practicable solution for the JabRef => Endnote X7 conversion?
I was googling a bit and there are :
- sites telling that one should export the JabRef bib file as .ris file (which does not work).
- Others say that one should export it as "Endnote .txt", however, when doing so, the references in Endnote show all the formatting elements of LaTeX, which afterwards have to be corrected manually... (300 refs to work through).
- On the JabRef Website they propose an Endnote Export Extra Tool (, but it is from 2004...

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6th May, 2014
Markus Gschwind
Kantonsspital Aarau AG
Apparently this doesn't seem to be a problem of many people...
Any ideas anyone?
12th Mar, 2015
Markus Gschwind
Kantonsspital Aarau AG
Well... the perfect solution is called
If ever anyone bothers ;-)

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