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Is tonsillectomy has significant effect on the immune system?

Is it possible to compensate for the effect or lack of immunity after the eradication process?

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Malcolm Nobre
Advanced Centre for Treatment, Research and Education in Cancer
Immunological functions of tonsils and possible effects of their removal are still controversial. But many studies have shown that tonsillectomy has no clinical significant negative effect on the immune system. There may be certain changes in the cellular and humoral immune systems, but these alterations are clinically insignificant and no increased frequency of immunomodulated diseases may be expected.
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The removal of tonsils (tonsillectomy) can have some impact on the immune system since tonsils play a role in filtering out pathogens. However, the immune system is complex, and other immune organs can compensate for their absence. For most people, the overall effect on the immune system is not considered significant. If you have concerns, it's best to discuss them with a medical professional.
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Although tonsillectomy is performed frequently, the role of palatine tonsils in life long immune protection or tolerance is still debated and the consequences of their removal for the immune system are of general interest. We analysed the tonsillar myeloid compartment in healthy subjects across a wide range of age (64% male; age range: 3 - 85 years...
I read Dr. Paradise's article re tonsillectomy in May Pediatrics with interest and approval. I believe, however, that no two clinicians or team or collaborative effort could agree sufficiently on indications for this operation and its beneficial later effects to constitute a significantly controlled study. In the 1920s tonsillectomy was performed a...
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