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Is there an 'Epicollect' alternative for social science?

I mainly use surveys to collect data from people for my projects. I have been using SurveyMonkey to collect e-surveys and also enter 'field-paper' surveys, It is very good as I have both the practicalities of entering data with minimum or no errors (like using Access-Forms) and also share the survey online to target other people I may not capture on my 'field' data collections.
I am interested on the capabilities of epicollect5, and it has very useful things like, again create a form, being able to use it on-line or off-line and share for other people to collect. However, the type of questions you can create are limited and they don't adjust well to social surveys. Well, of course Epicollect5 is/was thought for other disciplines.
So, anyone knows of an alternative -FREE, as epicollect- for social science that would allow questions like matrixes, likert scales, rankings, multiple open-text in same question, or even adding a photo for people to rate or rank?
Thanks everyone for your opinion on this....

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Cristian Ramos-Vera
University Cesar Vallejo
Hi, I use google forms to do my likert surveys
Sebastian Dario Rossi
National Scientific and Technical Research Council
Yes, I tried that. But I cannot get Google Forms to create questions like multiple open single answers, in a 3 by 3 matrix where I may have 9 different text boxes arrange in three columns and three rows...
But, thanks for the suggestion! and your time!

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