Asked 30th Jan, 2014
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Is there a need to consider analyst/designers/programmers/developers' ways of conceiving the dev life cycle as part of their approach to what they do?

Life cycles are usually an expression of how to manage a project—where to put resources and what to do with them. However, if we were more aware of how the analysts/designers/programmers/developers conceived the development life cycle in relation to their approach to their work would we be better off (however one might define better)? Does what they think their own development life cycle is for their own ways of working matter?

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31st Jan, 2014
Errol Thompson
Yes but then I expect that you would expect me to answer that way. Ramsden and Biggs both argue that a learner's conception of what is to be learnt impacts the learning outcome so why shouldn't we expect the same for completing any other task. The perception of how it is done will influence their work and their outcome.
From Phillip Armour's writing, I would go further and say that if those attempting to do something have no perception of how to produce the result and no way of uncovering a process to do it then they will not be able to complete the task.

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