Asked 26th Feb, 2017

Is there a measurement tool for internet addiction?

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11th Jul, 2019
Srini Vasan
University of New Mexico
Like in alcoholism or drug addiction the quantity and frequency of the substance consumed is less important compared to the impact the use causes in someone's functioning in various areas including family, work/school, relationships, legal issues, financial issues, etc. The Diagnostic and Statistics Manual (DSM-V) defines addiction as an issue if it negatively starts impacting a person's functioning in the areas mentioned above. It is a continuum with social use on one end and dependency at the other end. If one does not want to use an instrument related solely to Internet addiction one could always look at the instruments available in substance use disorder literature and modify them to suit your situation. Some common instruments used in substance abuse/dependence are MAST/DAST, SASSI, ASSIST, AUDIT, ASI, etc.)
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28th Feb, 2017
Eduardo J. Pedrero-Pérez
Complutense University of Madrid
The most used is the one created by Kimberly Young, which you can find at the following link:
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28th Feb, 2017
Mustafa Jwaifell
Al-Hussein Bin Talal University
Thank you very much for your help
2nd Mar, 2017
Nicolette Reiss
University of Utah
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10th Jul, 2019
Arvind Singh
Banaras Hindu University
Please have a look at this useful PDF attachment.
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