Asked 31st Mar, 2022

Is it possible to generate a steady laminar fluid flow using peristaltic pump?

As you know peristaltic pump has a Constant fluid flow direction but Changing fluid flow rate. I was wondering if it is possible to produce a Constant (Steady) fluid flow rate using peristaltic pump.

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31st Mar, 2022
Jamel Chahed
University of Tunis El Manar
You can use a constant level tank that you feed from the pump. The tank should be large enough so that the average residence time Ts=Volume/Flow-rate is large compared to the cycles of the pump. The tank would be equipped with an appropriate nozzle (or tap) the flow at the outlet becomes stationary when the level in the tank becomes constant
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31st Mar, 2022
Mustafa Nile
Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich
Jamel Chahed Thank you very much for your reply. Will that depend on gravity to maintain a constant flow rate? or on the pressure generated by the peristaltic pump if the pipes that come from the peristaltic pump are well sealed to the Tank (air-tight)?
One more question, Is it possible to use a pulse damper to get a constant flow rate when using a peristaltic pump?
31st Mar, 2022
Jamel Chahed
University of Tunis El Manar

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