Asked 7th Feb, 2022

Is it possible to filter the synovial fluid through 0.22 um filters?

Dear colleagues, our lab is having a new project in synovial fluid processing. We need filtered from all the cells SF.
Does anyone have experience in filtering the SF sample through 0.22 um filters? If it is possible to isolate the cells and keep them (maybe in case of filtering via a vacuum system, not via just syringe and filter).
One more question: what is your typical protocol to get synovial fluid cells spun?
Best regards,
Mariia, PhD in Biology, Ukraine

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12th Feb, 2022
Ali A. Al-Allaq
Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research
Please check the following references :-
1 Recommendation
26th Feb, 2022
Ali A. Al-Allaq
Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research
1-Filtered by the capillary
2- Gel filtration chromatography
3- Filtered through disc membranes
4- Centrifuged
5-Ultrafiltration on Millipore filters
23rd Mar, 2022
Henri A Ménard
McGill University
Hi Mariia,
it all depends on what you want to do with the cells and/or the fluid phase. The following may help:
- Choose an anticoagulant (heparin or EDTA) that will not interfere with the projected manipulations.
- To get cells in better shape, it is useful to decrease viscosity (e.g. hyaluronidase) and use low speed centrifugation to collect cell pellet for testing.
- To be sure to remove cells, platelets, clot and fibrin debris, use higher speed and/or longer centrifugation to get supernatant.
Hoping you can carry on your work in spite of the current horrific situation in Ukraine.

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