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Is anyone interested in contributing to British Mensa's Androgyny?

Calling for contributions to British Mensa's: Androgyny - a new journal-zine for all things gender!  Topics: Androgyny, gender equality, gender and sexuality and more.
Contributions can include: letters; research articles, debates, literature reviews; recent and relevant news and events; creative writing pieces, monographs, personal reflections, art, poetry, book reviews.
I have just taken over as Editor and would like to publish 4 times a year - all contributions will be welcomed and I shall work with you to i=edit as appropriate.  If interested please get in touch

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20th Apr, 2017
Olga Lucía Patiño
Good afternoon.
I am Olga Patiño, professor and researcher at Universidad Unipamericana in Colombia, recently we opened the "MiPana Diversa" research group to start boarding the topics of gender and diversity, currently I'm writing a paper for ALAADA, the Latin American Association of Asian Studies. My current paper is about a comparative analysis on gender situation between India and Colombia including the multigender issue.
If it matches your query please answer me back. Regards, Olga. 
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24th Apr, 2017
Sergio A. Silverio
King's College London
Sounds like work of great interest Olga - and definitely something which fits the remit of this new outlet.
Please send me your contact e-mail address via the direct message on here and I shall send you some more information.
Best wishes and thank you for your interest!
25th Apr, 2017
Olga Lucía Patiño
On this website: I wrote two opinion articles regarding gender where you may check the topics I handle: one is called "Ser mujer india en Colombia" - being indian woman in Colombia-  and two "La reivindicación y las contradicciones de género" - Reivindication and gender contradictions- .Check if things like that are suitable.  I am not working anymore for that organization, and the work for the research group is still starting.
Regards, Olga.

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