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Is anyone interested in contributing to British Mensa's Androgyny?

Calling for contributions to British Mensa's: Androgyny - a new journal-zine for all things gender!  Topics: Androgyny, gender equality, gender and sexuality and more.
Contributions can include: letters; research articles, debates, literature reviews; recent and relevant news and events; creative writing pieces, monographs, personal reflections, art, poetry, book reviews.
I have just taken over as Editor and would like to publish 4 times a year - all contributions will be welcomed and I shall work with you to i=edit as appropriate.  If interested please get in touch

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20th Apr, 2017
Olga Lucía Patiño
Good afternoon.
I am Olga Patiño, professor and researcher at Universidad Unipamericana in Colombia, recently we opened the "MiPana Diversa" research group to start boarding the topics of gender and diversity, currently I'm writing a paper for ALAADA, the Latin American Association of Asian Studies. My current paper is about a comparative analysis on gender situation between India and Colombia including the multigender issue.
If it matches your query please answer me back. Regards, Olga. 
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24th Apr, 2017
Sergio A. Silverio
King's College London
Sounds like work of great interest Olga - and definitely something which fits the remit of this new outlet.
Please send me your contact e-mail address via the direct message on here and I shall send you some more information.
Best wishes and thank you for your interest!
25th Apr, 2017
Olga Lucía Patiño
On this website: I wrote two opinion articles regarding gender where you may check the topics I handle: one is called "Ser mujer india en Colombia" - being indian woman in Colombia-  and two "La reivindicación y las contradicciones de género" - Reivindication and gender contradictions- .Check if things like that are suitable.  I am not working anymore for that organization, and the work for the research group is still starting.
Regards, Olga.

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In both faculties, but especially in the computer science oriented one, I am observing a new trend of several last years. There is a lot of girls among my students, and most of them are really very smart. They usually reach excellent results at exams. This trend goes just to the opposite to another trend -- a slow, but continuously decreasing the overall level of students in universities, which is observed and complained by many my colleagues.
In addition to this, we have several Ph.D. students at our Department of Mathematics, but again -- with one exception, they all are girls. Some of them are domestic, some are from the countries of the former USSR - Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. All these young ladies are excellent mathematicians. Is it only a coincidence or a confirmation of the new trend? And where are the smart boys, where they were lost in this modern, rapidly changing society?
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