Asked 18th Aug, 2021

Is DTM2000 density model expecting adjusted or observed solar flux?

Hi, I use two models to calculate the atmosphere density during a satellite orbit propagation. The two models are NRLMSISE-00 and DTM-2000. To feed the models I'm using Space Weather Data provided by Celestrak ( I was surprised the see that both adjusted and observed data are provided in this file. I found that observed data must be used for NRLMSISE-00 model. However, I didn't see any information about which type of data to use (i.e., adjusted or observed) for DTM-2000. Does anyone have the answer or a reference?

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3rd Sep, 2021
Bryan Cazabonne
Airbus Defence and Space
I contacted Dr. Bruinsma and he told me that DTM uses the observed values.

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