Asked 26th Jan, 2016

Is there one who's worked with child, connecting the logotherapy and expressive/drama therapy?

Please let me know,
it could be also the case where in logotherapy, the expressive therapy is the applied one, so
logotherapist is using the principles/approaches of arts therapy.
Thank you in advance,  best wishes

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30th Jan, 2016
S. Béatrice Marianne Ewalds-Kvist
Stockholm University
Dear Alenka, 
was once working with a person who was adopted. She worked out of wood a nest with several birds with the one who was kicked out from the nest. This was a very creative and fruitful reformulation with a new will to meaning in life:
25th Feb, 2016
Alenka Vidrih
University of Ljubljana
Beatrice Marianne,
thank you so much, so good to get those inspiring ways of thinking, working.. 
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