Asked 11th Oct, 2017

Is there a standard word limit/ page limit for a Masters thesis?

Different Institutes follow different limitations on thesis writings. I would like to know if there is a standard word limit/ page limit for a masters thesis?

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5th Jul, 2022
Armand Augustin Fondjo
Central University of Technology
Master degree dissertation: 30 000 to 50 000 words.
PhD/D.Eng Thesis: 70 000 to 100 000 words.

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11th Oct, 2017
Jakob Cromdal
Linköping University
There is no standard - and I don't see how there could be. It all depends on the thesis: its research questions, theoretical approach and, in particular, type of data and analysis (qualitative/quantitative/triangulated). You will find there is a great deal of variation between as well as within different universities and Masters programmes.
Mind you, writing up a coherent as well as succinct argument is part of the training, so it is generally good advice to try to keep word count as short as possible, without compromising the clarity of your argument as well as its empirical anchoring.
Hope this helps,
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11th Oct, 2017
Hein Retter
Technische Universität Braunschweig
No, there isn't-
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11th Oct, 2017
Mustafa Ali Abuzaraida
Misurata University
It depends on the institute limit for master or Phd. Normally, they require number of words. While the much number should be advised to be reduced by the student.
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11th Oct, 2017
Michael Issigonis
Brandon University
There should not be any such limit written in stone.
Mine was 168 pages (for the first) and 220 for my second. However, there were also a plethora of maps, pictures and tables attached (probably half as many as the pages of text in each case).
1st Aug, 2018
Mayank Pokhriyal
National Institute of Technology (NIT) Uttarakhand
There is no standard that tells us about the word limit. The thesis must be easy to read , clear explanation and not be too lengthy.
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10th Aug, 2018
C George Thomas
Kerala Agricultural University
Thesis is a certificate that the author has been trained for doing independent research. A thesis is in the form of a report along with some mandatory certificates, which includes the findings of the research work done by the student in partial fulfilment of his/her academic requirement. The internationally accepted length of a Masters thesis is within the range of 40,000 to 60,000 words, mean being 50,000 words ( A page can accommodate 250 words (double space) or 500 words (single space).
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27th May, 2020
Marko Mihaylov
University of Forestry
Agree with Mayank Pokhriyal. Most important is write the thesis very clear
28th Sep, 2020
Agnes WN Muthumbi
University of Nairobi
I would like to be advised on the criteria used to determine the number of appropriate pages for a masters thesis for those institutions that provide determined limits
1st Apr, 2021
Netra Bahadur Karki
International Christian University
It depends upon you. I plan around 8000 to 9000.
1st Apr, 2021
Kiprotich Kiptum
University of Eldoret
In my institution it is around 20 000 words including references.

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