Started 1st Nov, 2018

Ineffable, art and culture from Argelia

The first high-level cultural magazine in Algeria, defining a new modern identity for Algerian culture, breaking off with colonization subculture, claiming for a Berberian culture's recognition but keeping on with the French language, mixed up with Arab texts. I really wish this kind of initiatives may prosper in all ex-colonies worldwide. Thanks to the courageous promoters, but I'm sure it will trigger more projects that style.

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15th Nov, 2018
Mohsen Jaafarnia
Hunan University
My dear friend,
My new book has published. It is about design
as you are in this field i hope you will like it
Please read it and share it with everyone. It is talking about prosumer also for the first time in this book we talk about magic and its power in product design. It is talking also about future of consumers .I request you put the link of book on your page and your school website for your students.
Name: Everyone Is a Designer
Author: Mohsen Jaafarnia
Publisher: MJ
Ghochan, 2017
In Persian, Chinese and English
Topic: Industrial Design
Jaafarnia, Mohsen (2017). Everyone Is Designer. Ghochan, Iran : MJ Publication. ISBN: 978-600-04-7870-4

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2nd Nov, 2018
Dickson Adom
Kwame Nkrumah University Of Science and Technology
Its a brilliant concept that other ex-colonized states like Ghana must imitate. Thanks for sharing this with us.
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3rd Nov, 2018
Stephen Andrew Linstead
The University of York
It's a pity that Bourdieu is not around to see this. But as it evolves it promises to offer a rich case to be explored through the full range of his ideas.
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3rd Nov, 2018
Fred Romano
Definitively, it's a pity Bourdieu isn't here anymore!
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