Asked 31st Mar, 2016

I have exported Qualtrics data to an Excel file, but am at loss as to how best to format it for easy analysis in SPSS. Any suggested resources?

The survey I conducted is short - nine questions - mostly multiple choice answers, and had 52 respondents. Am unable to download the data from qualtrics as an SPSS file. 

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18th Sep, 2021
Mohit Gulati
Birmingham City University
Hi guys, in my account there is no option to export the data. As I joined a free qualtrics account with an institution email address. I would really appreciate it if somebody can navigate me.

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1st Apr, 2016
Béatrice Marianne Ewalds-Kvist
Stockholm University University of Turku Finland
Dear Stephen, 
You can always put in the data by hand in SPSS or copy one row after another. It does not take long.
1st Apr, 2016
Peter Samuels
Birmingham City University
Dear Stephen,
Yes, you can import raw Excel data files into SPSS. The variable names should be in the top row. Don't use spaces in the names as this creates labels which can be confusing. The rest of the rows should contain the data for your individual cases. Make sure your data starts in the top left hand corner and that there are no blank rows or columns. SPSS will ask you which sheet you want to import. You may then need to tweak a few of the variable settings in the Variable view but it is pretty good at guessing your data types (measures).
One final suggestion: use numbers for your data rather than text as SPSS does not work well with string data on the whole. You can then tell it what your numbers mean using the Value setting.
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9th Apr, 2016
Diptiman Banerji
O.P. Jindal Global University
Hi, Stephen. Qualtrics offers an option to download your data in SPSS ".sav" format directly. All you need to do in this file is the name the variables and label them correctly. By labelling, I am referring to selecting them correctly as nominal, or ordinal or scale variables. Did you face any problem while trying this option? 
Best of luck with your work!
12th Apr, 2016
Stephen Mulvey
Technological University Dublin - City Campus
Hi all, thank you for the responses. Qualtrics' trial version had prevented me from downloading the .sav file. Perhaps my wonderful institution should invest in the software given how often we are required to use it! I eventually entered in the data manually as numbers to which to I assigned values. Took some time but lesson learned! Thank you for the advice - most helpful!
27th Jul, 2018
Yaakov M. Bayer
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Hi,  Qualtrics offers an option to download your data in SPSS format directly (*.SAV file).
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7th Mar, 2021
Mitali Ghosh
Curtin University
I have both quantitative and qualitative data in my survey, which file format i should use for exporting my survey data. Also it is showing that I have 29 responses but only 9 responses I could see in the first page (demographic questions) and others are blank. I am confused.

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