Asked 2nd Mar, 2022
  • Shengjing Hospital of China Medical University

I have created a brand new cell line, how should I publish it?

I have established a novel gastric cancer cell line in my last work. How should I publish this cell line and make it available to all researchers?

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2nd Mar, 2022
Malcolm Nobre
Advanced Centre for Treatment, Research and Education in Cancer
Congratulations! After establishing a new cell line, proper cell line characterization is crucial. Extensive cell line authentication, including phenotypic or genotypic identity testing is required for the newly established cell line.
The origin and history of the cell line, cellular morphology and growth characteristics, proliferation ability, cellular identity ( DNA fingerprinting/STR karyology), purity of the cell line (namely, absence of contaminating cells, microbial contaminations, and contaminations by adventitious viruses) and genetic stability (gene copy number by qPCR/STR) need to be established using various cell line authentication methods (assays).
This information about the cell line will be required if you are going to publish this cell line. This will also help others in the research field to select your cell line as an invitro model system for study.
All the Best.
3rd Mar, 2022
Dr. Satyam Kumar Agrawal
Chitkara University
I think first you will have to ascertain that the Cell line is actually "cell line" and not just transformed cells. You may go through literature to achieve and prove it. Also you will have to / or must have done some in vitro work, where that cell line is being utilised!! Publish those results and defend that as a cell line. Participate in some conferences and present posters or seminars to make it popular. Also donate the same to young researchers and also you will have to make a huge stock of it...if its so interesting and useful. Get some funding from private or government agencies...justifying the importance of the cell line.
Overall its a long process!!
Also, submit a stock in national NCCS or ATCC or ECACC. they will guide you maximum on that.
All the best.
I hope this helps.
8th Mar, 2022
Amos Bairoch
University of Geneva
And once you have characterized your cell line, do not forget to send an email through the contact link on:
so that we can add your new cell line to the Cellosaurus.

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