Asked 12th Aug, 2018
  • Summit University, Offa, Kwara State

I am sincerely looking for questions on cluster innovations and productivity?

I am writing a research on networking and cluster performance.

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14th Aug, 2018
Brian Barnard
Wits Business School
of the top of my head i would look into:
how clusters naturally form or can form
the premises on which to form clusters
this then would also determine cluster performance. understanding how or why the cluster formed or was formed in the first place reveals how to measure its performance.
15th Aug, 2018
Azam Pasha
Università commerciale Luigi Bocconi
This is an interesting topic for discussion and there has been effort to empirically test the relationship between social networks and performance of clusters. Social capital remains a key driver of success in cluster performance, they form an integral part of the triple helix ecosystem, in silicon valley and several other clusters in the world.
You can find attached two reports on not only evaluating the productivity of clusters in Europe but also seeing factors of network driving success in cluster performance.
My key questions would be:
1. What kind of social capitals delivers success in clusters and where do they exist in clusters?.
2. How deep and wide social networks need to be to reach maximization of cluster performance?

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