Asked 13th Oct, 2017

I am looking for African researchers (women needed!) in different fields. Any suggestions, please?

Dear all,
In the framework of a special issue of a French magazine that I am co-directing, I am looking for researchers working on Africa in different research fields, for short interviews about the future of Africa.
Women and African researchers are highly welcomed to apply for a better representativity of genders and countries.
Targeted fields, about Africa only (this list in non exhaustive):
- literature/linguistics
- physics/astrophysics
- terrestrial/marine biology
Thank you for your suggestions and applications,
Julie Morin-Rivat, PhD

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5th Jul, 2018
Julie Morin-Rivat
Dear Chahrazed,
Thank you for your proposition. The project is closed, now.
All the best with your research!

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13th Oct, 2017
Mona Molham
National Research Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics
I think I could help!
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14th Oct, 2017
Marpha Telepova-Texier
Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle
I know many women-researchers working on Africa, Madagascar
in botany
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17th Oct, 2017
Fairo Dzekashu Foryuy
University of Pretoria
The University of Buea is like an el dorado for female researchers. Both experienced and upcoming.
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18th Oct, 2017
Cesar Megina
Universidad de Sevilla
Badiâa Iazza, from Agadir, at present in the University of Seville in Spain. She is a Marine Biologist:
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20th Oct, 2017
Ingela Jansson
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
I may be able to help. I'm Swedish bot my research and conservation work is in Africa. / Ingela
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24th Oct, 2017
Lillian Chepng'etich Boit
Kenyatta University
I am interested in the research. My area is the management & leadership of education at all levels.
There are many women researchers in all fields at Kenyatta University. I shall share the information with them.
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29th Oct, 2017
Oum Kalthoum Ben Hassine
University of Tunis El Manar
I am interested. My research area is marine biology.
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11th Nov, 2017
Legrand T. Cirimwami
Université du Cinquantenaire
I am interested and I think that I can find some women in different fields. My research area is the plant ecology and conservation sciences.
Best wishes.
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13th Nov, 2017
Charchar Nabil
Le Centre de Recherche en Biotechnologie
I am interested. My research area is water birds behaviors and ecology.
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6th Dec, 2017
Leonor Rodrigues
Federal Office for the Environment FOEN
I want to recommend Carine Bokatola, a PhD student in Ecology of Brazzaville Congo.
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9th Feb, 2018
Wenceslau Geraldes Teixeira
Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (EMBRAPA)
Hi Leonor. How are you doing. I want to recommend Dr. Joana Bezerra, she is doing a very interesting work in South Africa with land use and tradicional populations
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17th Mar, 2018
Julie Morin-Rivat
Dear Wenceslau,
Many thanks for this recommendation!
Best wishes with your own research,
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21st Mar, 2018
Vilma Machava António
Eduardo Mondlane University
I can help in Marine Biology.
Best Wishes
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3rd Apr, 2018
Emilie Dotte Sarout
University of Western Australia
Dear Julie, I don't know why I see this so late, but in any case, you should definitely get in touch with Saran Koly and her many projects including Fields Magazine:
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10th Apr, 2018
Julie Morin-Rivat
Merci, Émilie !
16th Apr, 2018
Floris Breman
I have an african collegue in the field of biosystematics and plant breeding. She is in my list of followers. I'll send you the name if you still need people
4th Jul, 2018
Chahrazed Rahmouni
Masaryk University
I'm working on the parasite diversity of African cichlid fish inhabiting Lake Tanganyika if you're interested don't hesitate de contact me
with regards, and hard luck
5th Jul, 2018
Julie Morin-Rivat
Dear Chahrazed,
Thank you for your proposition. The project is closed, now.
All the best with your research!

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