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How to write BID as a total value for one day?

I am working on a study in which I have to write values of medications taken in one day. But in prescriptions BID, QD and QWeekly is written. How do I interpret the medicines taken in one day?

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Sharmin Nahar Sithi
Kumamoto University
Once Daily (OD) or 24 hourly, both can be written.

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QD: Once daily
BID: two times a day
TID: three times a day
QID: four times a day
QOD: Every other day
QWeekly: Once a week
Q2WK: Once every 2 weeks
QHS: Before bed
QN: Every night
AC: Before meals
PC: After meals
I hope the above definitions of prescription abbreviations will help you to interpret the medicines taken in one day.
twice a day and Trice a day
Mohammed Yaseen Alzahawi
University Of Garmian
Thered in the day
Sharmin Nahar Sithi
Kumamoto University
Once Daily (OD) or 24 hourly, both can be written.

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