Asked 25th Sep, 2018

How to use Hannum's algorithm to predict age?

Hello all,
I am looking into using DNA methylation to test whether patients have accelerated aging.
I have seen researchers use Hannum's weights for CpGs in order to calculate accelerated aging in some patient populations.
How do we account for the standard error? Where can I find a pipeline for this calculation?

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26th Sep, 2018
Almudena Espin Perez
Stanford University
The online tool estimate the age using the Horvath algorithm but using the Hannum's algorithm, among others. It also calculates accelerations applying some calibrations and estimate tissue and gender.
28th Sep, 2018
Almudena Espin Perez
Stanford University
You can also do what Bryant M Schultz said, but on top of what he said, take into account as well the tissue you are studying. Hannum's signature is built from blood samples. Horvarth's signature, on the other hand, was build from a pool of multi-tissue samples.

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