Asked 27th Apr, 2021
  • Cebu Technological University (CTU)

How to publish?

Ma'am/Sir, I just want to ask a guide or tips or ways on how to publish. I am very much interested to publish a paper however, I don't have any idea how to do so and the website where to publish. Thank you so much for answering my query. God bless always.

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27th Apr, 2021
Wolfgang R. Dick
Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy
Having got a PhD, you should be familiar with the publications in your field. Select one of the journals,. Read their instructions (in a printed issue or at their website) and several papers as examples. Write a paper containing your research results according to the instructions and the examples. Submit this to the journal editors according to the instructions.
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27th Apr, 2021
Kapila Asanga Dias
University of Colombo
27th Apr, 2021
Omer Tontus
Istanbul Technical University
Here are some hints and tips for publishing an article depending on my own experience and literature review.
1- Choose a subject you’re well about: Before you can see your byline in a journal, you’ll need to come up with an interesting article idea.  What’s important is that you’re enthusiastic about your idea and you have to possibility to make research on your topic. Those will make your work that much easier.
2- Literature review: You must have done enough academic literature review about your research topic. This will give you an idea of ​​what types of articles the journals are interested in.
3- Find the most cited articles: When searching the literature, you should especially examine the most cited articles in the last 5 years among the publications on similar subjects in your field of research. This will give you clues as to what types of writing readers and academics are interested in.
4- Research: Before you start writing, you should set aside a reasonable amount of time for your research. This will allow you to collect accurate and reasonable data to analyze and a chance to evaluate gathered data.
5- Write Your Article's Draft Sample: Structure your article based on the data you collect. Prepare an academically readable article draft for any journal. Present/share this draft with your colleagues. Consider criticism, contributions, and suggestions of your colleagues.
6- Recognize Journal's Style: Even if your subject area does not require extensive research or external source material for the writing section, you should be familiar with the topic-related language style and jargon of the journal that you intend to submit. Check the journal's articles similar to yours, you can find new and proper writing styles. Then you can start editing your article's draft for a specific journal.
7- Plagiarism Check: Make sure that the content of your article ready to be sent to the journal of your choice is checked for plagiarism through a reliable software or service provider.
8- Submit your article: Make sure that the first journal you submit your article to is reputable, academically reliable, and preferably in the Q1 group. When submitting your article, make sure to check that it complies with the publication rules of the relevant journal. After checking, you can send your article to the journal with peace of mind.
9- Follow the feedback: You will be notified by e-mails from the journal. Review these notifications carefully, and if they want something you need to do, fulfill them within 48 hours.
10- Submit to another journal: If your article is rejected, send it to the second journal of your choice. Again, if rejected, submit by choosing between Q2 and Q3 journals, or submit to online-only journals that accept papers with a higher rate. Do not forget to re-shaping and editing your article based on the journal's author guidelines.
11- Do not be negative: Remember, only 10% of the articles submitted to Q1 journals can be published. Because there is a publication capacity in its magazines. Therefore, rejecting your article does not mean that your work is insufficient.
12- Remember: A good publication should have an adequate research process, a careful writing period, and an accurate assessment of criticism from referees. After all, you should be patient and not lose enthusiasm.
It will be a surprise if any publication was published in the journal in less than 6 months. My own experience is that getting published an article takes approximately 9 months and it is a reasonable time period.
Regards and good luck
Dr. Tontus
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