Asked 5th Apr, 2022

How to make amide with the Glutamic acid (amine group) with a meta amino benzoic acid (acid group)?

Respected everyone,
I am trying to attach the amine group of glutamic acid with a meta amino benzoic acid through a amide bond. As the glutamic acid is insoluble in THF or DCM, it is very difficult to do with the help of SOCL2.
If anyone have some solutions regarding the reaction conditions, please help.

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7th Apr, 2022
Greg Petruncio
George Mason University
You need to protect both the carboxylic acids of glutamic acid first before trying to react with m-aminobenzoic acid. Protection of glutamic acid will mitigate undesired amidation reactions and will probably improve the solubility of glutamic acid.
you can also try DMF which will probably solubilize unprotected glutamic acid but your reaction probably wont work without protecting glutamic acid.
7th Apr, 2022
Pujan Sasmal
Acharya Institutes
Thank you sir for this information. If possible please share some references or procedure for this. This will be a great help.

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