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How to explain the acceleration of the progression of desminopathy (myofibrillar myopathy) after suffering Covid-19?

A patient with desminopathy survived Covid-19 six months ago without pneumonia, but with a temporary loss of smell and taste. After Covid-19, we note an accelerated progression of desminopathy, penetration accelerates, new muscles are quickly involved in the pathological process, muscle mass decreases, and heart function worsens. Perhaps the infection or its consequences are somehow connected with the mechanism of progression of desminopathy?

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Margo Benge
You are most welcome! I only wish I could work more closely with researchers like you!

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Nice question and follow
Dear Professor Viacheslav Pauls ,
There are still many doubts about COVID-19 and chronic manifestations are prevalent and bring a great decrease in the quality of life of many patients.
I have studied the pathophysiology of COVID-19 and I have a hypothesis for the wasting syndrome, with significant loss of skeletal muscle and systemic inflammation.
Intracellular organisms, in general, divert the host cell's metabolism - from aerobic respiration to aerobic glycolysis - something similar to the metabolism of neoplastic cells (Warburg effect).
This deviation happens so that the host cell metabolism prioritizes substrate formation for the formation of new bacteria or viruses. Thus, activation of the pentose pathway is observed, with the formation of purines. At the same time, the need for BCAAs and glutamate, which are present in large amounts in muscle - hence the consumption. The lipid pathway is also hyperstimulated, its molecules being a substrate for viral lipid membrane formation, for example.
The truncation of the citric acid cycle promotes elevation of Pyruvate, stimulating the expression of LDH, converting Pyruvate to Lactate, which will be metabolized into glucose by the CORI cycle.
But what would be the reason that in the infection by SARS-CoV-2 we find such a high muscle consumption?
I think the answer is hypoxia that enhances the Warburg effect - thinking that a neoplastic cell is surrounded by a hypoxemic microenvironment.
The hypoxemia and the alteration in the tryptophan pathways promoted by SARS-COV-2 seem to act in a way to increase the magnitude of the metabolic deviation that the virus causes and that in other diseases are of lesser intensity, however they are not associated with lesions that cause such great hypoxemia and in such a short time.
It is something that is coherent, but we still need many studies to prove this hypothesis.
My best regards
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Viacheslav Pauls
Northern Trans-Ural State Agricultural University, Russia, Tyumen
Dear Wesam Salah Mohamed Ibrahim, Mohmmed Faris, Luiz Gonzaga Francisco de Assis Barros D'Elia Zanella, thank you very much for your answers and links to articles!
Margo Benge
I have theorized that COVID-19 attacks the body through concentrations in the area where lymph does not flow; hence the wide range of alternative symptoms. A generally poor understanding of lymph blockages and the side effects thereof impact many conditions. Desminopathy shares the same type of damages I've seen lessened through release of those blockages. The two compounded would further aggravate the overall system; acceleration does not surprise me.
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Viacheslav Pauls
Northern Trans-Ural State Agricultural University, Russia, Tyumen
Dear Margo Benge, thank you very much for your reply!
Margo Benge
You are most welcome! I only wish I could work more closely with researchers like you!

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