Asked 11th Nov, 2020
  • International Vision University

How to create a new Institutional account in ResearchGate?

We can`t find the way how to register our organization in RG.

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Tool for operationalizing variables into indicators into questions to be used in a questionnaire?
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  • Hashem ElassadHashem Elassad
I'm looking for a tool Tool for operationalizing variables into indicators into questions to be used in a questionnaire? This tool could be a directory, search engine etc...
Here's the background story
I need a questionnaire for an impact evaluation of a school (the variables include creativity, loyalty, job prospects). The test sample are about 150-300 alumni of the school. The school sample are alumni of other schools .
This is a new task for me so would appreciate some tips/ideas/resources on how to address it. The budget for this task is not high so we're not expecting super accuracy.
In order to create this questionnaire, I can :
1- Find a previous questionnaire for a similar study (impact of a school on values, attitudes, etc.. )
2- Choosing a couple of item questions from a group of questionnaires from already established scales/measures or previous studies (mix and match exercise).
3- Converting each variable into an indicator and each indicator into a question or two, but there has to be a precedent in the literature for this. For example, if I want to operationalize creativity by the strangeness of thoughts I have per day and the question as
: How often do you have strange thoughts per day?, then I need to point to a study that has done the same. (perhaps there's a tool or resources for this)
I appreciate your thoughts.

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