Asked 15th Mar, 2019

How to clean data with multiple response questions in SPSS?

After exporting my data from Qualtrics to SPSS. The multiple answer options did not fit as assumed into the variable view. Instead of having (age) IV --> channel (DV) with several options, each answers option occurred one by one. After recoding each answer into 1/0, the test worked. However, now I have to run every answer category (11) for each main question (8), instead of having one main questions with the different categories. How to make this work more efficiently? PS: I want to know which age category (3 groups) selected which channel(s).
IV= Age (3 categories)
DV= channels (answer categories)
Picture 1) How it looks
Picture 2) How I would like it to look (combined with age groups)

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12th Oct, 2020
Lovepreet Singh
Southern Institute of Technology
I am also facing same problem

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